Eco-Road Hero can show you how to be more productive with your dirt roads

Our mission is to  make your dirt roads safer, cleaner and more productive

What we do

Photo of Terex MT4400 operating on an EarthZyme treated road  with no dust  emissions and at lower f

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Eco-Road Hero provides a holistic road improvement service enabled by experience in mining and access to world class road improvement technology from Cypher Environmental .  

The approach will provide a triple bottom line benefit to your mining business including

  • cycle time reduction in haul trucks 
  • significant reduction in road maintenance effort
  • substantial reduction in water required for dust control

If your operation is not cycle time constrained then the approach will provide great fuel efficiency benefits .   

As each application is unique it is important that you contact us to assess how the Eco-Road Hero approach can help you improve your business.

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Coal Mining Case Study

See the feedback from a coal mining customer where the Cypher Environmental technology provided substantial benefits in fuel usage , operating costs and fugitive dust emissions.  

See the link below 

Community Road Improvement Case Study

See this interesting case study about the application of Cypher Environmental technology in a community road setting in Myanmar.  Eco - Road Hero is one of many Cypher Environmental distributors around the world .  See this link for this article

About Us

Smoother, safer , cleaner and more efficient roads


Eco-Road Hero are Australian distributors for Cypher Environmental. Cypher offer best in class road improvement technology that prevents corrugation formation and traffic dust on unpaved roads.  the combination of EarthZyme ® and Dust Stop Municipal Blend  ® are ideal for mining applications.  The improvement in California Bearing Ratio provides tangible productivity benefits.  

To Find Out more


We are proud to be distributors of the best in class road improver technology from Cypher Environmental.  The superb technology includes EarthZyme ®  and Dust Stop Municipal Blend  ®  .  

To learn more about these fantastic products click on these links 

Dust Stop Municipal Blend  ® 

EarthZyme  ® 

or contact Eco Road Hero directly at

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Eco-Road Hero

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